Monday, March 4

Everything To Know About The Definitive First Visit Guide

In addition to the footage, property value, and IPTU, find out what to evaluate in the property at quadwalls when visiting to buy:

1 – When Was The Property Built, And What Did The Maintenance Cost?

To give you more predictability of costs, find out about the construction date of the property, and, from that, find out if the maintenance has a high cost or if there is a lot of delayed maintenance.

2 – How Is The Leisure Area? Is There Anything That Still Needs To Be Built That Could Incur The Extra Cost?

Suppose you are visiting condominiums with a leisure area. In that case, it is always good to pay attention to the initial project of this area, checking if it is already complete or if something is missing to be built that generates extra calls.

3 – How Is The Neighborhood? What’s Around?

Take a tour of the neighborhood where the property is located. Evaluate market options, pharmacy, gym, commerce; the ideal is walking. Thus, the extreme need for a car for any exit is already annulled. Inform yourself about the means of transportation to access the address and travel to work and places where family members are used to.

4 – Is There A Generator In Case Of A Power Outage?

A generator can be handy, so you don’t have complications in case of a power outage, especially at the moment we live in which the home office is increasingly adherent.

5 – What Is The Value Of The Condominium? What Is Included?

As it is a monthly cost, the amount can make a difference in your budget, so the idea is that this expense is added to the costs of the new property. It would help if you inquired about which bills are included in the bill, as many condominiums include gas, water, and electricity. Also, try to find out with quadwalls how this apportionment is made, if there are individual meters, or if an average is made regardless of the use and size of the property.

6 – Does the condominium have a concierge, doorman, guardhouse, or night watchman? What are the opening hours?

Find out about the functioning of the building’s concierge, if it has a doorman or a remote concierge. Upon arriving at the condominium, observe security at the entrance and rules for visitors and non-residents. This information is helpful for security reasons and the comfort and ease of receiving deliveries.