Friday, March 31

Day: December 28, 2020


Importance of Business Continuity Planning at Christmas

Business continuity planning is an integral part of managing a company at the best of times. When you throw in the stress and chaotic nature of Christmas and the surrounding weeks, it becomes even more important to how successful a company is. We all know that any business, in any industry, can suffer problems due to unforeseen circumstances. Just look at the Covid-19 pandemic and how quickly the world was forced to essentially ‘shut down’ and you can see how easy it is to let things slip and for standards to go by the wayside and for production to halt. At Christmas time, there are always tight deadlines to meet, with every person within every company looking to do 4 weeks work in 2 and a half to 3 weeks in order to have some much-needed rest and time off.  A business continuity plan i...