Monday, December 11

Learn About Asphalt Crack Filling Services

Commercial parking lots and driveways often have to withstand massive traffic, which can lead to cracks in asphalt paving. While asphalt is known for being durable, it can crack over a period of time, and it is best to fix the minor issues early on, so that major repairs and eventual need for replacement can be avoided. There are many companies that specialize in sealing asphalt cracks, and they can offer a full-service maintenance program, through a contract, so that you don’t have pay huge for repairs each time.

What exactly is asphalt crack filling?

Asphalt, as we mentioned, can crack, and sealing and filling the cracks requires expertise, equipment and experience. You need a company that can handle all your requirements. The process starts with using a cold pour, or hot sealant, into the cracks in the driveway, following which the surface is resealed. Even smaller cracks can allow water to damage the foundation further, and therefore, early repairs are essential. You can call in the professionals, who will check the extent of damage, if there has been any considerable impact on the underlying structure, and based on the repairs involved, they will give an estimate.

Signs that you need asphalt crack filling

There are a few tell-a-tale signs of cracks in asphalt. You may find small cracks that may seem to be widening, or you are probably sure that water is seeping in the pavement or parking lot, rather than running off. There could be potholes too. Even if you think that your pavement is not looking the same, it is wise to get an inspection done.

How much does it cost?

As we mentioned, the cost of asphalt crack filling depends on the extent of the damage. Make sure that you get an estimate based on the real inspection and not over the phone.

Finding the right company

A good company or contractor repairing your asphalt cracks should be licensed, insured, and must have positive reviews. Get references if needed, and make sure that the company has an in-house team of experts to manage all the work involved. You can also choose to ask about the process, and for selected asphalt crack repair jobs, you can expect a warranty, as well. Find a company that doesn’t delay in offering assistance and is accessible for quick repairs, so that further damage can be avoided.

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