Thursday, April 25

Houston Car Accidents Involving Failure to Signal: Can You Seek Damages?

In general, any driver who does not sign properly should be liable for the accident they may cause. This action is a form of negligence. It is their legal duty to signal whenever they make turns or change lanes. But, they must ensure this signal is visible to other road users. Signal timing is important to prepare other drivers. If a driver fails to provide a timely signal, they can face liability as if they did not give a signal. Failure to signal soon enough before a maneuver is a form of signal violation. Also, failing to signal continuously during a maneuver can result in liability. If you have been in an accident that resulted from another driver’s failure to signal on time, you should consult a houston car accident attorney to know the next legal steps you can take.  

Possible Damages You Can Recover

Just like other negligence-based car accident cases, an accident that results from a driver’s failure to signal makes them responsible for paying compensatory damages to victims. These damages include car repair or replacement, medical care costs, lost wages, loss of future income, as well as pain and suffering compensation. Sometimes, victims can also ask for punitive damages, but they need to offer clear and convincing evidence that proves the at-fault driver acted in gross negligence, malice, and fraud. The availability of punitive damages depends on a case’s unique factors. 

Increasing the Chances of Recovering Maximum Damages

The actions a car accident victim takes right after their car accident can affect their rights on a claim. But, they can improve their chances of getting the damages they deserve in some ways. These include reporting the crash to the police right away, getting the names and contact information of all drivers involved, gather accident scene evidence, seeking medical attention immediately, refusing a lowball settlement offer from the insurance company, and hiring a car accident attorney. 

If you have suffered injuries in a Houston car accident because a driver did not signal properly and timely, contact an attorney as soon as possible. By working with an experienced attorney, you get an edge in seeking full and fair compensation for your damages under Texas law. Your attorney can represent you in court if negotiations with the at-fault driver’s insurer fail to give you the compensation you deserve to receive. With a great lawyer as your representative, you can have the best chance to get a favorable result.