Sunday, July 14

Why Solar LED Street Light Is The Best Outdoor Lighting Solution

The invention of the photovoltaic cell is truly one of the most important inventions of modern times. The rate at which the human race is exhausting the natural resources to satiate its ever ravenous hunger for electricity and power is alarming. It is high time to explore and utilize alternative energy resources.

And what could be better than to use the ever-abundant sunlight into electricity to power our houses and streets?

Solar led street light have changed the way outdoor spaces used to be lighted with their innovative technology.

How solar street LED lights work:

The working mechanism of solar light is similar to how any conventional bulb works. The only difference lies in the manner the power used to light the bulb is generated. A solar light can be divided into its three main components:

  • The photovoltaic or solar cell is also commonly called the solar panel and is responsible for collecting the sunlight falling on its surface and converting it into electricity.
  • The batteries: The energy of the sun converted into electricity by the solar panel now needs to be stored to be used later. This storing task is allotted to the batteries. During the hours of maximum sunshine, the battery gets charged to its full potential.
  • The light: The batteries in a solar light set-up connect to a LED bulb (LED bulbs are used in general because of their efficiency; otherwise, any bulb can work). After the sun goes down, the lights illuminate on their own because of the light sensor attached to them.

Advantages of using solar LED street lights:

  • Economical: The conventional LED or fluorescent bulbs running on electricity generate a hefty electricity bill. On the other hand, buying a solar street led light is smart and saves up the money you would spend paying electricity bills. Apart from the purchase cost of a solar-powered street light from the solar street light supplier, there is no other maintenance cost.
  • Reliable and safe: Lighting in outdoor areas is necessary to prevent any mishaps entailed by darkness. Solar-powered lights provide a reliable solution to all your outdoor lighting needs. It comes in handy in cases of a power failure and must be in areas with unreliable electric supply.
  • Environment-friendly: Investing in a solar street light can be a small step towards saving the planet. As it reduces the reliance on exhaustible natural resources, and the light produced is clean in every way.

Solar street light price is not high when you consider its usefulness. There are many options in the size and wattage of street lights to suit your requirements from the light. Solar street lights are available in various powers, like 40W, 60W, 80W, 100W, and 120W. The most popular among them is the 100W solar street light. The new solar-powered street lights also have additional features like the ability to fold and stylish design.