Thursday, April 25

Why Local SEO is Crucial to Keep Your Laundry Business Competitive

The laundry industry continues to boom, with almost 30,000 coin-operated laundries in the United States. This doesn’t include dry cleaners and other industry-centric businesses. It is also a recession-proof industry with customers opting for self-service options if they can’t afford the traditional service.

This means many competitors within your area. So, how can you stand out amid the competition? You can have the latest commercial laundry parts from Laundry Replacement Parts to entice customers, but to get customers to discover your store, you must take advantage of local SEO.

Take a look at the reason why local SEO is crucial to keep your laundry business competitive.

  1. Website Traffic Comes from Organic Search

If you want to obtain long-term website traffic, organic search is the way to go. This is because organic traffic is cost-efficient and sustainable, where you can drive a consistent and reliable flow of your target visitors to a website.

As much as 60% of all traffic to websites would come from organic search! Because of that, you must build a stellar website ranking excellently on Google. If your website lands on the first page of this search engine, you can get as much as 92% of all search traffic, including all competition with paid ad placements.

  1. SEO Builds Trust

When you search for something and see a website at the top of search results, what do you think of it? Of course, you’ll think that you can trust them because they are on top of Google’s search results!

This same thought process will work for your business. Great SEO can help your customers build more trust in your business as it shows you continually work to improve their overall experience. Therefore, they will be more likely to stay with you.

  1. It’s Relatively Cheap

You can have a strong SEO presence online without spending a lot of money. In fact, you only need here things to start, which are:

  • Hosting
  • Web-creating software
  • Domain registration

And here’s the great news: For those who have a website up and running, all you need is domain registration. And depending on the service you use, you can get all three in just one package! This makes SEO relatively cheap, even cheaper than investing in dexter laundry parts (though this is still a must-have).

  1. Builds Long-Term Relationships

This reason circles back to trust, but it goes far deeper than that. Retention is the best way to put money into your business, as keeping customers is cheaper compared to winning new ones. SEO can be an efficient way to improve your customer retention.

13% of customers who find businesses via SEO tend to stick around, and while that doesn’t sound like much, it’s higher compared to any other marketing method! Display ads would only hit about 12%, while mobile marketing hits 8%, and paid ads achieve 7% retention. This all just goes to show how SEO is better at building customer relationships.

Wrapping It Up

Don’t wait any longer and utilize local SEO, adding it to your marketing efforts now