Thursday, April 25

Top Reasons to Go for Personality Tests

If your team leader has recently informed you about the company hosting a personality test for everyone on the floor and you are not very happy with this, you might want to know that such tests are not only important for the organization you are working for, but also you. When you opt for a personality test through websites like there is so much more you receive, than the company does.

Here is a list of the top reasons why you should go for personality tests hosted by your company:

  • You are not paying for it: There are a lot of expensive personality tests that you can go for, but if your company is paying for something already, why would you want to spend money from your pockets and take a test? The company bears the expenses of personality tests when it requires you to go for the same. Enjoy learning more about yourself as a gift from your company!
  • You would learn about your strengths: It is important for you to know what your strengths are, so that you can use them for the betterment of yourself and your company.
  • You would also learn about your weaknesses: This is more like a shadow work that personality tests do for you. You might know your strengths already, but you might not be aware of your weaknesses and reasons behind the same.
  • The company might promote you if you meet their requirements: If the company has hosted the personality test session to learn about a lot of their employees, it might be secretly thinking of promoting you or someone else.
  • You can get along well with those who are ‘just like you’: Even though ‘groupism’ is not appreciated within a large team, you can work in a better way when you know who all in your team are like you.
  • The company might think of shifting you to a department that’s better for you: If you have never had a strong attachment with your current department, it might mean the field is not meant for you. Taking personality tests will allow you to find out which field is suitable for you. Sometimes, companies do shift some of their employees to different departments where they can completely and freely use their potential.

Since you have learned some of the most important reasons to go for personality tests, would you participate now when your company hosts such tests for you?