Monday, March 4

Tips For Choosing The Right Energy Manager

The right choice will be essential to obtaining significant results. One of the differentials that a good manager brings as a “seal of quality” is his pro-activity. Even after the conclusion of a specific project, such as a client’s migration to the free market, the hired specialist must continue to support the client, as pointed out by Alessandro.

Some consultancies such as for example focus on the first stage of the process, specifically on completing the migration and purchase of energy, leaving the client unattended and lacking in the constant search for solutions in cost reductions.”

A service of this type brings unnecessary inconvenience and worries to the customer. In addition, many management tools support specialists in this continuous improvement, even after the end of the energy contract.

“It is necessary to stay close, taking care of the post-contract process, following the tariff modalities, demand exceedances, relative energy, and fines at the Commercialization Chamber. The re-contracting of energy in the Free Market needs to be planned.

“In a long-term supply contract, the specialist must monitor market prices and seek renewal even before the contract ends. I always tell my customers: ‘Energy is bought on the opportunity and not on need'”.

The Two Biggest Industry Challenges

Two of the biggest challenges in the industrial sector in recent times have been: reducing energy costs and investing in innovative and sustainable energy solutions that reduce GHG emissions. Actions with an environmental impact are increasing demand from voluntary carbon and consumer markets worldwide.

The global recession, generated by the pandemic in the last year, added to this growing concern of the various sectors of society with CO2 emissions and left the various industrial segments on alert. With the support of quality energy services and solutions, those who were prepared those who were prepared managed to get through the crisis, even registering growth.

What we have seen in the last decade is a very large growth of companies in the search for consultancy and energy management, with the objective of reducing their costs. In this scenario, this type of service is essential. It will bring a differential to this company and seek ways to optimize energy consumption.

It is through the energy manager that the company will find the best solutions to achieve energy efficiency and reduce consumption and expenses. “All this, with an intelligent and personalized management.”