Monday, December 11

Things you should know before Installing a Swimming Pool

What is the purpose of the Swimming Pool

Summer seasons are enjoyable and fun spending time with your friends and family refreshing in a swimming pool. A swimming pool can provide your backyard with an elegant view for holding events, reading, and relaxing as you dip your feet in the waters. It is essential to establish a clear purpose as to why you want a swimming pool installation. The pool can be for recreation, aesthetics, exercise, entertainment, sports, or for investing. The intended purpose contributes a lot to the type of construction, shape, size, depth, and design the pool will take. It will also enable you to select an appropriate location where the swimming pool will suit you. The age group should also be a determinant of the type of swimming pool you want to install.

Types of Swimming Pools

There are two main categories of swimming pools which are in-ground and above ground swimming pools.

Above ground, pools are built on top of an existing structure and are from different materials. They are cheap, portable and it is not a must to fix them to the surface.

In-ground Swimming Pools are established below the surface. They are, grouped into three categories concrete pools, vinyl pools, and fiberglass pools.

Concrete swimming pools – They are popular than the other swimming pool types due to their durability and strength. You can adjust them to suit any shape, size, and depth that depends on your preference. Concrete swimming pool takes long to install, have a long lifespan and owners can enlarge, remodel and update them if need arises.

Vinyl Swimming Pool – They contain a custom-made vinyl liner that helps hold water in the structure. The wall structure is secured together after leveling the pool`s floor with cement or sand to allowing an easy installation of the liner across the pool`s top.  Vinyl swimming pools are easy to install in a week. However, owners should restrict the use of sharp objects like home toys because they can puncture the line.

Fiber-glass Swimming pool – They take the model of a giant bowl structure from the factory that requires a crane to fix it in the existing excavated hole. Its installation is fast and efficient; the pool cannot support algae growth due to its non-porous nature and cannot retain water. It has a smooth – finish due to its stain-resistant quality and gel coat surfaces.

The cost of installation

The costs incurred while installing a swimming pool depends on its size, type, water circulation system, and soil conditions. It is expensive to install a concrete swimming pool because it requires more labor and time to set up compared to vinyl and fiberglass swimming pools. Requirements such as filtration systems, underwater lights, and stone coping around the pool edge also determine the cost. The level of maintenance also determines the expenses incurred during repair services. A well-maintained swimming pool will incur few expenses. Poorly maintained swimming pools can offer a conducive environment for bacteria build –up.