Monday, December 11

The Benefits of Desk Dividers and Screens in a Covid-19 World

What a year 2020 has been! In workplaces up and down the country, in every single industry, we’ve seen massive changes due to the Covid-19 pandemic, lockdown and social distancing restrictions. For workplaces in many different sectors there have been changes to the way in which workplaces have been setup, in schools learning has changed due to Covid-19 and in every way of life we have been asked to act in a different way to how we have our entire lives. It has taken some change, and as we start to return to the workplace (either part-time or full-time depending on each company) there are different things that we need to be aware of.

In office spaces in particular there is a real need to shift the way in which an office is set up. In most cases, an office is crammed full, with as many desks and spaces for people to work as possible. Over the past few years we have even seen many companies and institutions implement hot desking schemes to cut costs, with people sharing desks or only having access for limited periods of time each week to a desk. What this means is more flexible working but an actual nightmare now that we have entered new territory with Covid-19 and social distancing rules and regulations. For workplaces everywhere, this has meant implemented new layouts for office spaces and putting in place desk dividers and screens wherever necessary. We are all getting used to the new normal.

The first thing to consider about the benefits of desk dividers and screens is that it helps you to create clear, defined workspaces. This is more important than ever before, as your workers will want to know that their own space has not been used by any other person and that it is clean and ready to be used safely each day. On another note, it also helps to build morale by encouraging people to take ownership of a space in the office and to feel like they have a proper home away from home.

From a practical standpoint, dividers and screens allow you to protect certain types of sensitive information on screens, away from prying eyes and also allows you to add branding to boost the perception of the company and to spruce up the workplace with logos and colours, rather than just drab, boring and uninspiring décor that might leave your employees bored and half asleep.

The change in office layouts the country over has been stark. With greater importance placed on screens and more defined desk dividers than ever before has meant that we all have to come to terms with how we need to work from now on. With fewer people allowed in the office at any given time, more credence placed on track and trace and other ways of recording the details of any visitors to the building, and protective screens and the like, it is critical that you have access to the very highest quality of equipment and safety signage. Covid-19 has changed the workplace and you have to be ready for these changes to stay safe, keep your colleagues safe and remain productive.