Monday, March 4

Support Your Teachers for Reduced Staff Turnover

Is your school’s employee turnover high? Introducing the following support systems could see your business back on track.

A school is a business and it runs in the same way. We want to attract as many leads as we can so that we have full intakes every year. This is especially true of private schools. Everyone in the UK must attend schooling by law, but when you run a school like a business and you depend on the tuition from that uptake, things get a little more desperate. If you can’t bring in the new year of students, you might lose out on that year’s takings. Private schools can only operate at a reduced capacity for so long.

Supporting Teachers is Good Business

Supporting your teachers is one aspect of running your school like a business that we shouldn’t overlook. There are multiple ways you can do this and we will discuss a few in a moment. First, let’s talk about the reasons why supporting your teachers is good business sense.

A recent UK government report found that one in two teachers – 50% of them – were feeling burnt out. It’s no wonder, either, with all that added pressure we placed on them during the pandemic. Teachers had to learn remote teaching, new technology, and new ways to interact with students in the face of adversity.

With all this in the forefront of our minds, here are some of the ways you can support your teachers and keep absenteeism low.

How to Support Teachers?

There are many ways you can make life easier for your teachers. Here are some of the best.

1 – Further Training

Teacher training shouldn’t end when they qualify from university or when they graduate from probation. Teacher training is an ongoing premise that encourages your teachers towards continued professional development. Education Training can include things like safeguarding youngsters or wellbeing training which teaches your educators how to best manage their own time, stress levels, and mental health. As you can imagine, this could be a game changer for staff turnover. A trained teacher is less likely to quit.

2 – Optional Extras

There’s no law to say that you can’t treat your teaching staff to extra donuts, or free fruit in the break room, or day trips for team building exercises. All of the above ensure teacher loyalty straight down the line. These little things make the workday more bearable and can help to ease the stress of long term demands on their position. Some speculate that treating your employees the same way you treat your customers is a good way to make them stick around.

3 – Listen to them

Listening to the feedback your employees give you is the core principle of staff retention in any role, industry, or profession. It is no different from teaching. Ask for their opinions and act on them where possible. This shows you as an employer that cares, listens, and is willing to go the extra mile to treat those employees well.