Sunday, July 14

How To Rent Your Business Centers And Virtual Offices

The so-called business centers are condominiums that group together several companies in the same building. As with the coworking spaces, the bureaucracy is usually tiny, and the general infrastructure of the building is shared, diluting the cost among all unit owners. The main difference lies in maintaining the individuality of each company; some spaces even have separate entrances.

They are ideal for companies that need to maintain a more formal service structure and emphasize technical support, such as a secretary who answers the phone and organizes a schedule, a high-standard meeting room, and a prestigious location in the city. Infrastructure tends to raise the price compared to the options we’ve already presented, but it’s as close to the appearance of a traditional company as possible.

Higher Values ​​Than Other Models

This is not the option for those who want to save if you are coming from spaces such as coworking and home office, but it can be a great deal for those who need to be in popular addresses in the city, where the rent and all the costs involved are usually exorbitant.

The Two Sides Of The Coin

While these shopping centers provide an exciting type of privacy and individuality for companies like Six Two Zero North LaSalle, they also isolate each other. Few spaces of the type invest in social events among members and manage to build large networks for exchanging professional experiences. If you are a self-employed professional, you may feel a little lonely.

Space For Service And Meetings

This item is also offered by coworking; the difference is that the spaces commonly referred to as virtual offices seek to have meeting rooms with high-end furniture and videoconferencing equipment, as they are traditionally the preferred workplace for traveling executives. Some EVs have plenaries, executive rooms, and a reception with coffee or other goodies for customers while they wait. Lawyers and consultants often use the space by renting rooms by the hour to serve clients. Companies with headquarters in other locations, on the other hand, use the executive rooms to dispatch and serve as a base for actions on the street.


Depending on the plan you choose, it is possible to have a clear division between your space and other companies. It is a level of privacy and security that coworking cannot always provide due to the nature of the model. It is now common to find private rooms in coworking spaces, but the working logic is different. Suppose your company tends to receive public people, for example. In that case, you will be able to remain anonymous much more efficiently in a corporate environment than in the open spaces of coworking.