Monday, December 11

How to Prepare Your Pet Psychologically for Your Exit During the Festive Season

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Can you send your pet a mental postcard?

Your relationship with your pet is personal. For instance, your dog is always watching you and anything affecting your moods affects him too. Separation from your dog is one instance that creates anxiety in your pet, making the furry animal feel lonely. Just like you miss your pet when you go on vacation, your animal also misses your presence. The exciting part is that your pet does not have to feel the separation anxiety and suffer when you are away, thanks to mental postcards.

Are you planning to visit your distant relatives this festive season to share the joy of Christmas and are not intending to tag your pet along? Then a mental Christmas card is what you need. Since departure moments have no transition, start preparing your pet psychologically for your exit. From the first day you start packing, let your pets see you do it to prepare and fuse them to the idea that you might soon leave. Every day before you leave for work, especially a few days before you leave for vacation, remind the pets that you might be leaving soon. Additionally, you should assure your pet that he will be okay and that you will be returning to him in no time.

If the pet has severe separation anxiety, you may take a few days before your departure to teach him basic obedience techniques to help your furry friend become self-assured. You may also hire a dog-walker to stay at your place while you are on vacation. Besides hiring personnel to watch over your pet, you may check out boarding facilities for pets that will offer your pet a homey feel. If a boarding facility is your preferred option, ensure you take your dog with some of his irreplaceable stuff and, if possible, your scarf or a t-shirt to calm your pet.

Being a festive season, the chances are high that your pet will bond with various other pets at the facility, enjoying the season just like you might be. While away, think positively about your pet to help you connect with him. Think of what he might be doing, eating or fun games he could be engaging in with the other pets.    

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