Monday, December 11

Four Simple Tips for Choosing the Right Coin Op Equipment

Choosing the right Girbau North America coin op laundry machines is as important as choosing the right store location and type of laundromat business you want to open. However, choosing the best from an array of options can be overwhelming. From large-capacity equipment to small top-loaders to high-spin models and everything available on the market, making an informed buying decision can be confusing. This article explores four valuable tips for choosing commercial laundry equipment to help you make an informed buying decision.

Consider the Speed

While it’s crucial to make clients comfortable as they wait for their laundry, you can attract more fans and serve more customers if you can reduce wait time. So, how do you know a commercial laundry washer is fast? Look at the spin speed (G-Force rating). G-force is essentially how fast the washer can spin laundry. The faster the spin, the more the G-force. And the higher the G-force, the more water will be squeezed from the clothes during a spin cycle. This can help you reduce the time washed clothes stay in the washer. Commercial washers come in various G-forces—100 G, 200 G, 300 G, 450 G, and more. Choose the machine that suits your business’s needs depending on your budget and how fast you want to serve customers. That said, consider how fast a dryer operates. Most commercial drying machines take 30 to 45 minutes to dry a full load.

Choose the Right Capacity

The capacity of your dryers and washing machines is crucial, just like speed. Your equipment’s capacity will determine the laundry you can wash in one cycle. Large capacity can hold more lbs (kgs) of laundry per cycle. Customers will enjoy the convenience of large-capacity machines as it affects how fast you serve them. The more laundry you wash and dry per cycle, the more customers you can serve. That said, the capacity you require is driven by four primary factors: the par levels of linen in your business, the number of customers you expect to serve daily, your required turn-around times, and the number of hours you’ll be operating daily.

Consider Energy and Efficiency Features

When choosing commercial washers and dryers, consider fully programmable laundry machines. Programmable machines are designed for specific laundry materials to ensure you wash and dry different laundry materials in the most suitable machine setting. Since the programs are designed to optimize the washing and drying of specific materials, you ensure you don’t spoil the customer’s laundry. Your machines will also operate efficiently to lower energy bills and save time.


Some dryers and washers don’t require special installations. You simply plug in the equipment yourself and start using it. However, professional installation may be necessary for commercial-sized dryers and washers. Some manufacturers recommend professional installation to ensure you preserve your product warranty.

Choosing the right laundry machine is crucial for business success as such laundry machines are the core of your business. However, depending on what you are looking for, dryers and washing machines can be complex or simple. Before making a buying decision, consider the factors we’ve discussed to make an informed buying decision.