Monday, December 11

Four Rules To Follow When Choosing A Snowplow

Were you planning to leave your shovel behind this winter? There are four rules to follow to avoid pitfalls in choosing a professional snow plow and ensuring that your driveway is always cleared of snow.

  1. Compare The Different Companies

To find a reliable entrepreneur, nothing beats a referral from a neighbor or loved one. A satisfied customer is often the guarantee of quality service!

Also, please bring a pen and paper, and call the businesses in your area to find out their prices and how they work. Any successful contractor will answer your questions and provide you with references as needed. With your data in hand, you will be able to compare services and make an informed decision.

  1. Protect Yourself With A Proper Contract

As the words fly away, but the writings remain, it is better to ensure that the details of the agreement (duration of the service, a time before which the snow must be removed, price, etc.) agreed with the contractor are recorded in a contract.

The rules to follow when using a snow removal service should also be included. In addition, any severe entrepreneur must imperatively have liability insurance in anticipation of possible damage to your home. No insurance, no contract.

  1. Honor Your Side Of The Bargain

If you no longer have to sweat profusely with your shovel, on the other hand, you will have rules to follow in connection with the use of a snow removal service.

These rules, which are only common sense, are with a few differences the same from one snowplow to another:

  • Do not leave any object in your parking lot (garbage can, toys, electric cables, rocks, or bricks);
  • Prune all tree branches that could interfere with snow removal operations;
  • Leave vehicles at a distance of approximately 1.83 m from the entrance to the parking lot for night snow removal;
  • Clear the parking lot by 9 a.m. during snowfall – allowing complete snow removal (or earlier, if stipulated in your contract);
  • Move any snow from the driveway and front of garage doors at least 1.52m away from garage doors by 9 a.m. so that it can be picked up (or rather, if it is stipulated in your contract);
  • Put salt on a sloping driveway so that the parking lot remains de-iced;
  • Identify, using stakes provided by the company, any tree or structure to be bypassed during snow removal;
  • Make sure that the canvas of your carport is well secured to the structure and that the door does not fly in the wind.

Failure to comply with these conditions can lead to consequences, sometimes unfortunate:

  • Snow removal will be incomplete;
  • Snow removal will be canceled entirely if the snow removal system cannot access the site;
  • Additional costs will be incurred;
  • In some extreme cases, this could even lead to the cancellation of the contract.
  1. Keep The Harmony

Of course, these few examples of rules to follow when using a snow removal service are not the only ones. The contractor you will be doing business with may have specific requests.

Either way, it’s about clearly communicating your expectations to both sides. Check our website for more information