Thursday, April 25

Effective use of anti-seize compound

The main reason of using anti seize compound is to have the threads coated with the compound which prevents adhesion and corrosion between the fastener and the thread. When you have too much of the anti-seize applied to the thread, there is a likelihood of attracting debris which might contaminate the thread, preventing the fastener to be cleanly removed.

There is no reason of using more anti-seize than what is necessary on the threads which you are coating. Additionally, the anti-seize doesn’t offer extra protection from corrosion and it might just end up wasting the product.

Reduce the values of torque by 25% to about 30%

It is something which is forgotten most of the time and yet it is very important. The rating of torque on fasteners is normally based on their force of clamping on the target. The anti-seize will be able to act as a lubricant; the lubricating properties are likely going to decrease the torque requirement to achieve the right force of clamping.

It is often referred to as the multiplier of the torque. To use anti-seize without having to reduce the required torque value can end up to strip the threads or to stretch the bolt in situations which tend to be extreme.