Monday, March 4

Creative Solutions for Manufacturing Product Packaging

Custom printed boxes are a cost effective and creative way to improve your business image, draw attention, and aid consumers in easily recognizing your goods. Consider the last item you bought online. It was probably a gift from a customer, or from someone you knew. Boxes come in all sizes, shapes, colors, materials, and prices. How do you know which box is right for your next purchase?

Printed Boxes – All printed boxes have a similar quality and durability. Printed packaging boxes and cases are typically constructed of heavy-duty, weatherproof material such as cardboard or strong, flexible PVC. This material is sturdy enough to handle high-impact activities without bending, tearing, or buckling. Many cardboard boxes come with UV inhibitors and anodized edges; many flexographic products are manufactured in a factory with thick, anodized aluminum frame and a polycarbonate shell.

As with any type of packaging, the longevity of a product greatly depends on proper handling. For this reason, many printing services utilize a sturdy, durable cardboard box with a soft lining. The quality, color, and overall appearance should remain consistent to ensure long-term usage. For most standard-size printed boxes, the packaging printing can include multiple graphics, including full bleed images, icon graphics, front graphics, back graphics, die-cut styles, corner graphics, foil, and embossed designs.

Flexography and RSC boxes – Many printing companies offer custom printed boxes for unique product packaging applications. RSC boxes are used to create custom RSS feeds for websites, blogs, and social media accounts. The flexography or felt texture that is applied to these items adds unique characteristics to each product and makes them different than other cardboard products. In addition, using RSC provides additional stability, durability, and organization to the product, which helps in achieving superior branding recognition. Custom cardboard boxes with this unique material are often used in conjunction with other custom box styles to provide the maximum impact and efficiency for the ultimate purpose of delivering the product to its intended consumers.

Combining both thin and heavy stock allows for the best overall package packaging solution for any business. Lighter stock boxes help to conserve space for more efficient product packaging solutions while heavier boxes make up for the additional strength necessary for long-lasting and reliable product packaging solutions. Additional custom box styles can also be added to help streamline the logistics processes and improve the efficiency of product delivery. By combining custom printed packaging with a range of pre-cut, pre-sanded, or pre-manufactured product packaging solutions, printing services can easily provide a wide variety of unique options for any given need.

With so many new uses for printed packaging boxes, it’s easy to see why there’s always something new to try out. The flexible process of flexographic printing is versatile enough to meet any demand. Flexographic printing offers a fast turnaround time and enables complete customization of every box or product to create a one-of-a-kind solution. In addition, it offers an extensive selection of pre-printed boxes that can be customized to meet any size, shape, or color requirement. By combining high-end technology and customization with a personal touch, you can enjoy a custom printed boxes system that meets your individual needs and provides a superior product packaging solution.

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