Sunday, July 14

Check The Basics About Epoxy Adhesives

There is a wide range of industrial adhesives available in the market today, and each one is intended for a specific purpose and use. However, a lot of applications and products would be impossible without epoxies. For the unversed, epoxy is made using resin and a hardener. There are different types of epoxies out there, and it is possible to create options with different physical states, as per application needs. Companies, such as Adhesives Technology Corporation, have epoxies that have been designed exclusively for industrial and commercial use.

What are epoxies used for?

  1. The most common use of epoxy is an adhesive for anchoring. The products are often very strong to ensure enhanced hold and can be used for diverse needs. Epoxies can be even used for bolts and metal parts.
  2. The second reason or purpose of epoxy is related to bonding and coating. From automotive to airplane parts, many products are made using epoxies with different strengths. Since epoxy works perfectly as a coating, it is also often used as a sealant in many productions and industrial tasks.
  3. Another relevant use of epoxy is related to concrete repair. In the construction industry, epoxy finds uses in concrete-related jobs, which could be about filling up cracks in concrete, or fixing issues with cemented surfaces. For enhancing the structural integrity of a concrete surface, epoxy can be efficiently used, as the products are available in a wide range of viscosities

Other uses of epoxy include usage in food & packaging industries, electronics industries, energy and waterpipe work.

Finding a manufacturer

As we mentioned, epoxy uses may vary greatly, and it only make sense to ensure that your business does it part to establish the requirements first, based on which you can find manufacturers. There are some companies that also specialize in creating epoxies for specific needs, beyond their standard catalogue of products. If you are interested in private labeling, knowing epoxy strengths, uses, applications, pros and cons, is important, so that you can get products ready for specific clients and industries.

Final word

Epoxy is not merely strong and durable, but also effective and extremely useful for industrial use. If you are ordering epoxies for a specific bonding or coating purpose, ensure that the desired strength and other properties of the product are as per industry standards. Review manufacturers based on their market standing and the kind of industrial adhesives and epoxies they specialize in.