Monday, December 11

Asphalt Paving 101: Benefits, Sealing, & More

Asphalt is often preferred for paving, driveways, and parking lots, primarily because the material is strong, easy to install, and simple. So, how is asphalt paving done? What are the benefits? In this post, we are discussing the benefits, asphalt sealing, and other aspects.

Why consider asphalt for driving & parking lots?

Commercial and residential property owners prefer asphalt parking lots for several reasons. Firstly, asphalt is super durable and 100% reusable, which means that selecting asphalt also ensures making a green choice for the environment. Asphalt pavements are smooth, extremely attractive, and even if there are cracks and potholes, repairs can be done immediately. There is also the choice of asphalt coating, which further strengthens the surface of asphalt and makes it more ideal for areas that are prone to extreme traffic.

Should you get asphalt pavements sealed?

Sealcoating asphalt is often recommended because weather elements and UV rays of the sun can cause massive damage over a period of time. When sealcoating is used for asphalt, it creates a layer, which prevents oil spills, water, and UV rays from damaging the asphalt foundation underneath. Sealcoating that’s used for asphalt often is a mix of acrylics with water, sand, and polymers, which prevents any crack to the surface. You can expect to increase the lifespan of asphalt by many years by opting for sealcoating.

How expensive is asphalt paving?

While there is an upfront cost involved with asphalt paving, don’t expect that to be huge, especially if you consider benefits in the long run. Asphalt pavements look the same for years to come, and there are many installation services that will offer a warranty on both new driving lots and sealcoating of asphalt.

Hiring a contractor

No matter whether you want to install, repair, sealcoat asphalt, make sure to find a contractor that you can trust. Ensure that the installation service is licensed, insured, and they should have an in-house team of experts for the job. Also, check if they have experience in commercial asphalt paving, and if needed, ask for references. Another thing that matters is warranty on the job, which applies to sealcoating, replacement, and new installation. You need to get an estimate in advance, so that there are no unwanted add-ons later.

With asphalt pavements, you can expect your commercial property to look appealing for years to come. Check online to find the best-rated asphalt contractors near you and get an inspection done.