Monday, December 11

6 Features Compliance Training Platforms Must Have

Many organizations would invest in a learning management system (LMS) for various reasons, usually for a combination of many of them! One common reason is to provide compliance training for employees.

But with the many LMS available for compliance training (like True Office Learning), the search for the best one can be quite confusing. We’re here to help you out as we share the features the best compliance training platform should have, so read on!

  1. Compliance Dashboard

A compliance training platform must provide managers with the insights required to lead their teams effectively and to help identify areas for improvement. Compliance dashboards allow you to monitor employee engagement so you have a holistic overview of teams’ training progress.

  1. Data Visualizations

Stats are excellent for measuring engagement and participation in compliance training. There are more metrics requiring further visual analysis, though. Because of that, new compliance training software must have data visualizations such as graphs or charts. These will provide a more comprehensive overview to identify patterns.

Moreover, there need to be visual indicators at the user level. For example, you can zoom in on the time logs of a specific employee and see how it is compared to other employees in the team.

  1. Real-Time Monitoring

There needs to be minimal lag time between LMS reporting and employee participation. For that reason, your platform requires real-time monitoring showing immediate results. You must measure team training performance via dashboards, troubleshooting common issues.

  1. Scheduled Notifications

Managers don’t need to go to great lengths to support their teams and hold them accountable. Scheduled notifications allow managers to notify team members when they need to renew certifications. Notifications also remind employees of missed deadlines and offer personalized recommendations based on their core competencies and position.

  1. Activity Logs

Compliance training platforms provide employees necessary tools to improve their performance behaviors while preventing accidents while working. But you can’t force people to access the platform and remember all the information they learned from it.

This is where activity logs come in, which gives employers the feature to view how often employees log in, the activities they completed, and how long they stay on the platform. While this won’t completely gauge comprehension, it indicates whether employees use the LMS and how frequently. That way, you can give employees a nudge if they aren’t as active on the platform.

  1. Personalized Learning Plans

There will be times you’ll auto-assign learning programs to employees, depending on their job assignments, required skills, and previous activities. Personalized learning plans allow you to add courses, assessments, certifications, and more features automatically, which can improve completion rates.

Another feature tied in with personalized learning plans is a learning home page, where employees can view a detailed overview of their upcoming courses, badges, and recommendations. This page must also be customizable, where they can move widgets to concentrate on important activities and metrics.

Wrapping It Up

Make sure to look out for any of these features when choosing a compliance training LMS.